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SEPARATE WAYS Message Board. A place for fans of Separate Ways to post.

SEPARATE WAYS Message Board. A place for fans of Separate Ways to post.
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Albie's in Utica

Hey guys, just wanted to say that I made my way down to Albie's last month looking forward for weeks to hear a tribute to one of the best rock bands ever (I just finished listening to Captured to prove it). Allthough the house "soundtech" lacked in certain talents, such as mixing live, for the entire night, the band never let on. I give you guys kudos for getting through with nary a wince for two sets that I assume must have been painful. I've played myself for many years and I still learn from watching bands such as yourselves. I've been through rough sounding nights as well, but have a hard time hiding the fact which is part of being professional...which you all were. So, I'm tipping my hat to a great set and I can tell that even though the overall sound was rough, there is much talent there to appreciate (especially great harmonies that you rarely hear live anymore). I stayed the entire night with friends and enjoyed watching the band itself. Very Journey-esque which I suppose is what you are trying to emulate. The Un-journey material was a nice add-in as well. I hope your band can come back to the Utica area again maybe under better circumstances. Either way, the show was worth the cash and I would make plans to see you again. Job well done.
Here's one that shows signs of aging... I caught the Escape tour twice in '81. Once at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse and also at SPAC in Saratoga Springs.
Price in 1981 for one Journey ticket......$6.00. Two bucks less than Separate Worlds at Albies June '05. Now those were the days...weren't they?

Re: Albie's in Utica

Bob, thanks so much for the kind words. The sound was a bit difficult, but the soundman did a great job with what he had to work with. We enjoyed playing at Albie's and hope to be back in that area again. I saw Journey in 1983 and the tickets were $13.50. There is a pic of the tkt stub on our site, Pic of Stub

Re: Albie's in Utica

Had to stop by and reply to this. Thanks for the kind words. When guys like yourself show up it just makes us that much more into what were doing. Your right that we are at the mercy of the sound man, but we usually can react to make it work for us.

Thaks for taking the time to post. All of Worlds Apart appreciate fans like yourself.

PS....spread the word up there to get us back. Usually when we get that far upstate, we like to make weekend out of it.

Kevin Bryan