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This forum is for the discussion of child actors in Asia. Many child actors are talented but go unnoticed and they should be given some recognition. Others pop up on TV all the time but we never know who they are. This is the place to find out. If you have a link to a child actor's homepage, please share with us!

Jenny Shing Ka Ying Official Homepage
Little Meteor Garden (Various HK Child Stars)
Ka Ying Universe
Four Little Golden Princesses Homepage
Dong Dong Homepage
Cheng Pak Lam Homepage
Jacky Cheng Pak Lam Personal Homepage
Cyber Home of Tiffany and Joey
Mini Stars
Maggie Wong Mei Ki Homepage
Maggie Wong Wonderland

Child Actors List 童星名單

中文名 English Name Role
成珈瑩 Jenny Shing Ka Ying Sister [Ups & Down], Yiu Yiu [Burning Flame II], [Fate Twisters]
成展權 Shing Jin Kuen Brother [Ups & Down], [ICAC 2000]
謝宛婷 Tiffany Tse little girl [Let's Face It], youngest daughter [Family Man]
謝朗庭 Joey Tse young main character [The Battle Against Evil]
李俊傑 Lee Chun Kit Dan Dan [Kindred Spirit]
馬俊榮 Ma Chun Wing Ka Ka [AR4]
 姚紹忠 Yiu Siu Jung Ming Jai [AR3], #1 [Sky is the Limit]
丁力 Ding Lik Esther's Son [AR1 & 2], [Kindred Spirit]
張國權 Chueng Kwok Kuen Vampire Boy in ATV
李晉緯 Lee Chun Wai [ASITP], [Love is Beautiful], voice [McDull Cartoon]
陳景昆 Chan King Kwan Him Jai [Law Enforcers]
黃美棋 Wong Mei Kay Tong Tong [DIF1 & 2], daughter [No. 7 Police Station]
張裕里 Cheung Yu Lei Nazha
江麗娜-唐寧 Tong Ning (Kong Lai Na) older daughter [40 Something], Joey [Burning Flame II]
賴苑彤 Yuki Lai Yuen Tung Flora's daughter [Side Beat], [Love is Beautiful], [Merry-Go-Round]
洪珮珊 Hung Pui San [Ups and Down], [Reaching Out], [Love and Again]
孫堯鋒 Suen Yiu Fung Ding Ding [DNA]
鄭柏林 Cheng Pak Lam [Pak Lam Weekly]
左詩蓓 Jor Sze Pui Lead Role [Little Vagrant Lady], Young Daughter [Down Memory Lane]
曾燕婷 Apple Tsang Yin Ting [Plain Love 1], Old Daughter [Down Memory Lane], 2nd Sister ["Horse Track Big King"]
曾倩婷 Tsang Sin Ting younger daughter [40 Something]
胡耀峰 Woo Yiu Fung Hung Hung [DIF 1-3]
謝子峰 Tse Chi Fung boy [Lady Flower Fist]
李俊 Lee Chun girl [Lady Flower Fist], [Crossing Boundaries]
盧永鏗 Lo Wing Hang older brother, [Pak Lam Weekly]
謝子軒 Tse Chi Hin [A Road and a Will], [Mr. Diana], [Old Time Buddy]

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TVB 37th anniversary

does anyone think that tiffany tse, oscar poon, rachel poon or kevin yau will win a 'favourite character' award this year cause they all got nominated on the TVB website. Personally i think that they have a slim chance cause none of them had an outstanding role or performance like jenny did in BF2.

Re: TVB 37th anniversary - by MKA - Oct 14, 2004 9:04am
Re: TVB 37th anniversary - by Josephine - Oct 16, 2004 9:40pm
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