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DesignCAD 3D MAX Ver.20 available at MAYOR GROUP

Available at MAYOR GROUP, DesignCAD 3D MAX Ver.20

DesignCAD 3D Max 20 Release Notes

DesignCAD 3D Max 20 offers the following new features:

A new “Automatically toggle by layer settings” checkbox in the Layer Options tab allows you to choose whether switching to a new layer automatically sets or clears the Linestyle By Layer and/or Color By Layer flags.

We have added a new Drawing Compare command to the Tools menu. This tool performs a visual comparison of two drawings and highlights the differences.

Added a Pack Group IDs command (Tools/Groups/Pack Group IDs). This command sorts and rearranges all group IDs so that they are numbered consecutively from 1 to the number of groups present in the drawing.

A new “None” alignment option has been added for Multiline styles. This allows you to align non‐symmetrical multiline entities along their bases.

BasicCAD additions: Sys(1150) – Turn “Show Command Dialog” off or on. Sys(1151) ‐‐ Controls automatic toggle of by layer settings. 0 = toggle, 1 = don’t toggle.

Added an option to scale all dimension properties proportionally when changing the text size, either in the Dimension command or in a dimension entity’s Info Box. Other measurements can still be changed individually.

Added an “Ignore view shading flags” option the File/Open command to skip shading or hidden line removal even if views were saved with those features turned on. This can save time when loading large 3D files.

Added a “Display geometry on top of images” option to the View Options tab. With this flag checked, images will always be drawn first in the display order, and other geometry will appear on top of them. This will be helpful when tracing lines over images.