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MAYOR’dan Dizustu Takibi ve Guvenlik Cozumu: Protegent, 45 USD

Protegent 360 by MAYOR – Complete Laptop Security / Kapsamlı Dizüstü Güvenliği

In view of rising cases of laptop thefts and subsequent data leakages, one seriously needs to secure is/her laptop and critical data saved into it. Laptops are mobile devices and very much vulnerable to theft. And in the most of the cases the purpose of stealing laptop is to steal the confidential data saved into it. Therefore, you need a security that protects your data in laptop and wards off slightest possibility of data leakage. In an attempt to cater to end-to-end needs of laptop users, MAYOR GROUP brings to you Protegent360 Complete Laptop Security-A Five Tier Protection for only $45.

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