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DesignCAD 3D MAX Ver.22, MAYOR GROUP, Posted by Murat Mayor, Source : IMSIdesign

New Features / Yeni Özellikler

New Print Section Command
This new command allows you to specify a rectangular subsection of the drawing to be printed. Once the region is selected, the Print command opens, and only considers the area you chose when calculating overall size, scale, and other print features.
Enhanced Print to PDF
Printing multiple panels to PDF format now results in just one multipage PDF file.
New Double Line to Vector Command
This new command converts the selected double-line object(s) to normal vectors using the currently-active line style and line width. Note: This command differs from the similar command Double Line to Wide Line, which converts the selected double lines to wide lines of the same width as the original double lines.
Larger, more versatile Layer Options dialog box
New Layer Options dialog box has been redesigned to maximize the amount of layer information displayed.
 Dialog box can be resized to show more layers and longer layer names
 Unwanted columns can be hidden by right-clicking on the column headers
 Right-clicking on the body of the layer list provides a context menu which exposes commands that were formerly presented as buttons
 New capabilities have been added to the Layer Options dialog box, including:
 Show Marked Layers
 Hide Marked Layers
 Lock Marked Layers
 Unlock Marked Layers
 Clear Marked Layer Colors
 Clear Marked Layer Line styles
 Clear All Layer names
 The Save as Default button now saves the layer names along with the layer presets

New Coordinate bar field width option
This option lets you specify the width (in pixels) of the coordinate bar’s numeric fields. This can be handy when you want to display more digits, are displaying coordinates in feet and fractional inches, or are using a large display font. The minimum value is 48 pixels, while the maximum will vary depending on the width of your display.
New Layers List additional width
This option lets you specify how much extra width (in pixels) to add to the layer drop list in the Info box and Layer Toolbox relative to the width of the collapsed layer control. Increasing this width allows you to see longer layer names.
Improved Hatch, Hatch Line, Hatch Fill
A new “Same As” button in the Hatch dialog box allows you to easily match the style of the hatch being drawn to an existing hatch entity.
Improved Import and Export
The “Missing Xref” warning dialog now offers options to skip some or all missing xrefs when importing dwg files. We’ve also improved the export of paperspace layouts to dwg format. In addition, DWG/DXF export now exports layer names longer than 32 characters.
Improved Fillet command
A new, more robust algorithm has been implemented for filleting one arc against another. This should result in less ambiguity when filleting arcs where multiple solutions are possible.
Improved Linear Dimensions
We have reduced the gap between the arrow “tail” and the dimension text when the text and arrows are forced outside the extension lines. We have also added a snap point to the left-side arrowhead to enable repositioning the dimension line using that arrowhead from Point Select Mode.
Improved Section Trim, Section Cutoff and Section Cut by Line
The Section Trim, Section Cutoff, and Section Cut by Line commands now also affect hatch objects; hatch entities were previously ignored by these commands.
New File Wizard command
New options have been added to Ignore Shading Flags and Ignore View Data, just like they were already present in the Open dialog.

Improved Set View and Set View by Drawing Center Command
Several new controls have been added to make it easy to save, load and delete “cameras” with preset viewing angles.
Improved Repeat Last Command (F3) and Undo Command
DesignCAD now longer records the various Zoom commands in the F3 and Undo command buffers. This makes it easier to repeat drawing commands even if a zoom in or out was necessary to see more details. All Zoom commands can still be undone separately using Zoom Previous.
Improved Sweep Command
Previously, the original profile used to generate the sweep was left separate from the swept object, with the assumption that you might want to re-use it for some other purpose. Now, the profile becomes part of the swept solid. A new option has been added to retain a copy of the profile if you want to use that profile again.
Enhancements to many commands using “Selected only” checkboxes
The last state of several “Selected entities only” checkbox is now remembered, so the next time you run that command with something selected, the checkbox is checked or not depending on your last choice when something was selected. If nothing is selected, the setting is ignored.
Additional Enhancements
 Improved Hidden Line - New option to change the dash scale for hidden lines in hidden line mode.