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Remember us?

Hi Thomas, Emma, Suzie and everyone else who we met at on the rocks... we were just remembering all the wicked nights we had at The Rocks (especially kareoke wednesdays!) so thought we'd email and say hi (if you can still remember us!). hope everything's ok with everyone there... and please send our love to the wonderful island of Naxos!
Sara, Libby and Lucy

PS. Love to Manfred!

Re: Remember us?

Hey cuties!
How can somebody forget you??? (Especially after Sara´s lovely tears!) How are U? I´m fine. Back in germany since 4 weeks now :-( But Emma is still in Naxos. And 4 days a week she is "On the Rocks".
Do you have pictures? Is it possible to send me some? I need more for my "foto galery". It´ll be nice.
Farewell, a lot of hugs and kisses,

Re: Remember us?

Hi again Suzie,
how are you? great to hear from you! we've got some great photos we can send to you (i've only got a few on my computer but i'll get libby to email you some when she gets the chance!). there's some great ones of kareoke- we all look very red and drunk but they're pretty funny.
i hope you are well,
Lucy, Sara and Lib

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