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Accident car

You might be surprised to still hear fro me..but i havent come across any cars in the last few weeks..but yesterday i went to see one which the dealer said there was no accident over the phone....when i go there /check the car and then check the carfax there ..they show me how there was a reported accident/damages (with no $) so they claim its not major..but they wasted like 3 hrs of my time...i saw on your website how dealers have to disclose this info if there was an is this practise of not doing so "okay"?

just curious. and thanks for your help!


Re: Accident car

I am not surprised to hear from you, as a matter of fact I was one day going to email you to see what you finally bought,,, you must be driving every salesperson nuts by now ,,,lol

With a reported accident " with the location you live in " it must be on the bill of sale and for you to accept.

If I really thought the deal was good, and really wanted that car, I would have made it subject to an independent inspection by a body shop and paid their inspection fee " no matter how good the repair, a body shop will find what has been repaired " and if it really was minor carry on with the deal...

Now as for you wasting 3 hrs, I like to be fair and want you to consider all the hours you have talked to salespeople wasting your time, you have also wasted their time as they only get paid on commission, it really is a 2 way street, I think the real problem is you been lucky not to have hit on what I consider a top closer to sell you a car,,, but then again as I said on my website they are but 10 % that earn as much as the other 90% combined.

Re: Accident car

ok thats better..if they had to disclose it at the end. Im checking another one at acura for $500-700 extra..but i don't think they charge admin fees so I may go with that. I went to see it yesterday but they havent reconditoned it and has paint marks on the bumbper which they said they'll fully re-do. And real rust which they're gona change the whole part.

My concern was it having "black" paint on very small areas at 5-6 places ..even though its a silver car..which im not sure what it is..any ideas? ..i hope when the pain goes off in the future its not gona show the "black"

Anyways thank you for your support!

Re: Accident car

Black paint in small area's - bet it's lower half of body ? - then it's TAR, which can be removed quite easy

Re: Acura EL 2004

okay.. thanks for the info. Also do you think presence of rust (1 area) is an issue even though they are gona replace that part?

Thats the same car with the (tar) which overal seems to be in "okay" shape before reconditioning, not too beat up..engine is not great shape but not as dirty as what i seen before..which i guess means the person didn't fully take care of friend who is in automechnics will check it out further (and yes on the highway :)

At 70,000km, (2004 EL) for $14,900 is the best offer I seen from an Acura dealer so far in 2 months..and i can try to reduce that since I worry of MISC. fees. Even though u said wholesale is $10,400, and ask for max $12,700..Im gona try to ask for $14,000, then max out at $14,400..will see how this goes :) What do you think abt this?

Re: Accident car

I think if every one shopped and study how to buy a car like you have,,, there would be no need for me having a website.

Is there any sales people in you area that haven't quit their job yet after dealing with a shark like you ?

Re: Accident car

not yet..surprisingly..they just thought i was a tough negotiator after not going a penny higher (why did they care if they had another buyer willing to pay $2,000 more than what i was asking for)
...but thanks to you! Will update you later on how the 14.400 goes.