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Used Car Purchase - Volvo S 70 or S 80

Ray - first of all thanks so much for your site. I have read and studied it all--and its quite helpful.
We've owned 2 VOLVO's and they ran well. (Trying to stick w/this type for now). My S70 which I had almost 10 years was totalled this mo in an accident (not my fault). Considering an S 80 if I can't find another S70 locally in great condition and right price; have done a lots------- of research about this car,but was wondering what you think about this model. Desire 2003 because usually more things are corrected in later models--but looking at 2000 yr plus--don't need a car payment at this time. Thanks

Re: Used Car Purchase - Volvo S 70 or S 80

If I had to pick one vehicle that I would consider to outlast all others with mileage and body, it's a Volvo

I really cannot call one model over the other, can only say have never run across anything negative about the S80