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New to buying cars, need advice

Ok I'm looking at gearing down on buying my first car, and I'm not sure where to start. I've done a lot of research, and am familiar with most of the steps needed to get the vehicle, the question is the order. So far I have:

- Get licence

- Insurance

- Auto Loan

- Vehicle

- Plates

I read up on all the things to watch out for, but a lot of them presume you already have another thing taken care of, such as already owning your vehicle before buying insurance. I have more things to look into but this is probably what I need to sort out first. Thanks.

Re: New to buying cars, need advice

I assume the steps to be taken in order to buy a car is what you're looking for ?

2,Loan... Know your buying power
3,Select Vehicle,check history
4,Insurance... check for rates being affordable before even considering a test drive
5,Test drive= take to mechanic

Are you going to apply for a loan through a dealer, or your own source ?
What monthly payments are you looking for ?
Are you investing a downpayment or financing full amount?
How is your credit ?,,, this being your first car makes me ask if you have established credit to get a loan at a fair rate ?