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Negotiating/Buying a Used Car Out of Town

Mr. Paulson,

I have found two cars of interest in my price range and would like suggestions on negotiating the price and having them mechanically inspected since they are out of town at different dealers in Hammond, LA. The most desirable vehicle is a 2002 Volvo S-60, with 92, 217 miles, VIN # YV1RS61R922180792, and an exceptionally good Auto Check report. It is listed at $6,995 and has a missing gas-tank access door. The other is a 2003 Volkswagen Passat, with 103,886 miles, VIN # WVWPD63B63P261860, and also has a very good Auto Check report. It is listed at $6,595. I plan to see both cars the same day to save time and money. I plan to pay most of the cost for either car depending on which one drives best, etc, in cash and have $6600 to spend. I would love to have insight on which of the two might be the best purchase, how best to proceed, etc.


Re: Negotiating/Buying a Used Car Out of Town

If you take the time and read through this site you will know how to choose which car for better value along with how to approch for a fair deal.

If there is something you're reading and don't fully understand I should be able to explain in more detail.

Can you provide a link for me to view to check for red flags ? if so don't post - email