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Buying a used car

My 16 year old son wants to buy a 1985 mercedes benz 500sel for $1995 and 130,000. We took it to a mechanic for an inspection and it is pretty sound. He only needs it for two years till college, pretty close to home and work. Is it worth the price? I know the cost to repair can be costly but we looked at other cars in his price range and nothing else seemed as good! Any thoughts??

Re: Buying a used car

Let's look at the picture this way - most average priced new cars within 6 model years old depreciate after the first year approx $2500. a year,,, If this Benz goes beyond 12 - 14 months without major issues, the investment will have been secured.

The fact your mechanic found it sound makes the risk worth the investment,,, I must admit had you not mentioned the inspection, my answer would have been ,,, no no no .

I somehow feel he found this Benz through private contact ? not the Internet ? I will be interested to know.