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no price on windshield

my son and I went to a dealership in fl, the guy was a southern gentleman 39 yrs in the biz and seemed like a real nice guy. I have sold cars for a few months and know a little. anyway we had a buy order from enterprise and went to bank for loan. processing 24 hrs so we went looking at other vehicles and found a 2007 dodge caliber. my son liked it and we spoke to this guy and he said it was new that is why no price. ok but then we were inside he was taking app and bragged they do alot of biz with bank and could prob lean on them for a faster answer. He got the buy order from me for the trade in vin # stupid me i gave him the order. I asked twice more for price of car and he said dont worry it will be right. now I was skeptical. He came back with a price dropped down from 16k to 14,999 exactly what the buy order was for. except they added more money for tag and dealer fee so the bottom line was 600 more. guess they couldnt do anythin with the bank so they gave us the buy order of the dodge and told us to go to the bank. I did a kbb search and came up with four doges 2010 for less money same mileage. 33k. I figured they got probably 1500 extra in the price. I also need to buy my ex wife a car for 7k with low mileage a small car. thanks hope you can help. ray