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Does how long a car has been sitting on lot affect price?

I am looking at a 2010 Cobalt coupe that has 2LT package with all options. The dealer is asking $15,000

The CarFax report shows it was a fleet/rental vehicle purchased at auction 8 months ago! The car was operated in ME, sold at auction in PA, sat on a lot for 6 months, then moved to Ohio where it's been sitting on a lot for 2 months.

How does all that time sitting on a lot and not selling affect the selling price?

The car is a GM sitting on a Ford lot. Does that affect the price?

Also, with the 2012 models rolling out in a couple weeks, can I expect a better price once the 2012 models are available and this car is then considered 2 years old?

Lastly, I am a bit concerned that the car has sat so long without selling. I know that PA and OH have lemon laws requiring dealers to disclose lemons before purchase, but I am still a bit concerned.

The thing that bugs me the most is that at the end of the 2010 model year, with all incentives and GM friends and family discount, I could have gotten the car brand new for about the price they are asking.

Re: Does how long a car has been sitting on lot affect price?

Facts,,, ME PA OH - former rental - 8 months on car lots with no takers. You did not mention miles, therefore I can't vision a price,,, not that it matters " simply stay away " I don't like the history report.

I should point out " lemon laws " only apply to new cars, not used.

Don't expect a better deal when the 2012 models arrive - that's not how the depreciation works with used cars, also vehicle being sold at a GM store or Ford store does not affect the price.

I appreciate your question, but at same time also know you have not taken the time to read through my site because all your questions would have been answered in one form or another,,, if you take the time and study the site and find something posted that you want a further explanation to fully understand, then please feel free to do so

Re: Does how long a car has been sitting on lot affect price?

The car has 11,500 miles on it. Here is the posting:

There is a link to the CarFax report in that posting. The CarFax

You seem a bit condescending in your reply. I did read through your buying tips, that's how I ended up in the forums. I will admit that I did not read through all the posts in the forum, and I would hope that you would not expect someone to do that before posting.

Re: Does how long a car has been sitting on lot affect price?

I am sorry if I came across the wrong way, sometimes reading a question that to me seems like an easy answer I forget this is new turf for the asker.

After checking the history report I get a completely different picture than the facts I stated, and the only question now " why has this car not been sold in 8 months " ???

I don't want you to read the whole site to find the answer, lol, but when you find the time navigate to " how do you determine a fair price for a used vehicle "