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Salvage-Export Only Car

I purchased a car from a local dealer with salvage title. When we took the car for salvage inspection, the Police Officer said it is a "Salvage-export only" car and we should contact MVA. I want to find out if this car can get a clear title again because the dealer said he can get a clear title for the car?
Can I use the bill of sale to file a consumer complaint against the dealer?
I am thinking of buying another car from a dealer like Darcars with financing option, is it a better deal?

Re: Salvage-Export Only Car

It is a Non-repairable Title or certificate - States issue Non-repairable documents to indicate that a vehicle is not road worthy and cannot be titled again in that state. This vehicle is generally purchased for parts or export as parts only out of the United States.

Without going into detail don't even bother to file a complaint with a salvage title,,, it will go nowhere,,, you been had,,, except it as a lesson.

So you are now thinking about buying a car from " darcars " in your google search engine type in " darcars scams " and let me know what you think ?

I know you are on a tight budget, but even so, it's possible to get a car that will outlast your investment " study this site fully before you lay your money on the table,,, next car you look at,,, send me a link before you sign on the dotted line.

Re: Salvage-Export Only Car

PS,,, the dealer said they could get a clear title.

What's the name of this dealership - and location ?

Re: Salvage-Export Only Car

Thank you for your response. I have sent the details of the dealer to your mail box. On the bill of sale, I saw this condition "The seller warrants that the seller has good and transferable title to the motor vehicle being sold. In addition, said vehicle is free and clear of all liens at the time of sale. If the Seller does not transfer good and clear title to the Purchaser within thirty (30) days of the sale, The Purchaser shall have the right to complete refund including but not limited to any and all taxes and fees paid". Pls cant I use this to file a claim?

Re: Salvage-Export Only Car

hello ,, I have the same problem which is .. that I have bought a car from some one on craigslist and I lost his number also lost the title that he gave me . so I went to DMV to bond the title but it has been rejected cause it has been sold out of U.S. which is fro export only ... so any suggestion please