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Pre Owned Certified

I was wondering if I should expect to pay more for a pre-owned certified car vs one that is the exact same but not certified? I am looking at an '09 or '10 Jetta with less than 30,000 miles. Since the car will still be pretty new is it worth focusing on pre-owned certified. The reason I am so interested in a pre-owned certified car is because I am afraid of getting ripped off or missing and overlooking something (even though I am taking notes of how to buy a car from this website). I will be taking the car to a mechanic either way I go. This is my first time buying a car and I have to do it by myself. FYI: this website is great.
Thanks in advances for your advise.

Re: Pre Owned Certified

You asked the same type question in your previous post and somehow you don't understand the difference between buying AS IS and CERTIFIED. after study.

I really don't with my 2 finger typing sit here all day trying to make you understand a question where buying certified is more safe - and then again buying non certified for less money could be a better deal,,, I would really have to view your choice of vehicle to make a proper comment,,, and that's why I asked for a link in your first post.

If you want email with a phone # and best time to call,,, and I will walk you through the process to ensure not getting a lemon.