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Used Car $8,000 or under budget

My husband's truck (that requires a fill up every three days) is now paid off. This leaves us with a $8000 budget or less max to spend on a used car just to get to and from work so we dont have to use the truck.

We are looking at a 2002-2005 Dodge Neon Sedan SXT or a 2002-2004 VW Jetta. The Neon we found is $5995 and has 60k miles. The Jetta we found has 69k miles and is listed at $7495. Both appear form the website to have no dents, etc. interior looks nice.

We will be looking for a car soon. (The sooner the better).

Can you give me some details on what to look for on a used Jetta. Do they usually last long. If so, what is a major part that is known to go out?

Neons... do they last long?

Re: Used Car $8,000 or under budget

Will you post the links or email them to me ?
So I can check for red flags.

PS,,, second thoughts,,, Don't bother sending a link for the Neon,,, I don't like them at any price

Re: Used Car $8,000 or under budget

I did a carnal and the Jetta has had instrumental panel repairs and replacements from 6000 miles to 29000 miles. Skipping on the Neon as well.