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Mazda or other used SUVs

We have a family car(honda accord for our family of 4(1 child and 1 infant(forward sitting). But I am looking for a 2nd vehicle as a back up vehicle and for work, which is close by. We are looking for an automatic used SUV 2000 or newer as my price range is from 4K to 6K. It's hard to find a roomy SUV with space for 3 in the 2nd row and still be a v6. I have came across a few. Mazda Tribute 2002 ES with 99K mi for $5959.00 and a few Ford Explorers under 5K with roughly 100K miles and w/ v6 engines. I've heard mixed stories about Fords and their reliability but I read your article about how domestic manufacturers are catching up after the 90s. I have not heard good or bad with Mazda. (Also found an Infiniti Q4 2001 for 5,900 but has 124,000 miles), but being Infiniti/Nissan, i'm thinking I should consider this.
I'm trying to find less cost for maintenance down the road, and trying to reduce gas cost(hence the no V-8, although I almost considered a Lincoln Nav 2000 for 5,900 but had 124,000 miles and V8 gas guzzler. We don't plan to make this our main vehicle as my current car is a honda accord and runs well.

I live in 90650 but found some vehichles far a way (Not sure how to get a mechanic to test it, maybe AAA mechanics found in the local area?

Above all, I am grateful for you and your site. I can see from the forums and just your posts that you are providing a lot of people with money saving tips, whether it's not buying 3rd party warranties, saving on the price of cars by price, properly test driving, etc. The list goes on and on. Don't worry about the grammar responses. If the person cannot read the entire article and get the point you are making they have issues. They should see the overall value in the money/headache saving you are doing for all of us.

Re: Mazda or other used SUVs

I worked with a Datsun dealerships back in the 80's before the Datsun name became Nissan and a few years with Honda, yes there was no Q the quality was all Japanase, today some consumers are still brainwashed, long story short, Ford in my mind is the best value for some models in todays market. You mention mixed stories about Ford reliability,,, are there not always satisfied and unsatisfied customers no matter what product we purchase, finding the answers you trust most becomes the key.

If I was in your shoes going by the info you have posted, The Q4 is luxury as a back up vehicle and could be quite expensive should mechanical issues arise, the Linc Nav,,, lol,,, would be totally out of the Q as a back up vehicle unless you own a gas station.

I like the Tribute along with the Ford Escape " note they are both almost the same except for the label " I would only consider the V6, they both make a 4cyl, stay away from the 4 cyl.

Re,,, the Tribute you found, if it's out of area look for a Mazda dealership " or Ford " within the area, make contact for cost and time frame for an independent inspection, under no circumstances will you commit to purchase without an allowed independent inspection. Should you have further questions feel free to email me.

Re: Mazda or other used SUVs


thank you again. I was about to test drive the navigator today.

Disregard my email about the navigator. I'm turning the page on that. I just read your lol about the gas costs. And going back to how I saw it painted. I did see a Mazda tribute that was closer. Under visual inspection the back seat looked like it was small. My Honda accord 2005 has sufficient room in the backseat. It was hard to say how much difference in space in backseat from the accord to the tribute.  But thanks for the feedback on everything. How about Dodge Durangos. I'm finding some that are v6 and spacious. From what I read in your post and responses post 90's fords and other American SUVs are good

Re: Mazda or other used SUVs

I am not a dodge fan if buying something new or near new, in your price range all that matters is present condition, and you know the steps to be taken.

If the mechanic gives the green light on the Durago and it fits the ticket ,,,,go for it.