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I have had two different experiences where the used car dealer said they would not allow me to take the vehicle to a local mechanic. Both times I have found a local mechanic down the street. They said i could bring my mechanic there to look at it but cant Take it to one. If you remember the tribute I was testing. The man said he would only let me take it to test if I was serious and ready to buy. The other said that they give me a 30day/1000 guarantee on the vehicle. I tried to ask them 'what if I take it to a mechanic after for that 'pressure test' and something comes up. Well. There was a slight crack in the back in the plastic on the hatch. So, like you said, I said I need to find out how much that is going to cost to fix before negotiating a deal. Both vehicles passed the 'check the engine indicator' light when turning on test. Is 5,999 before tax for the explorer xls with 106,
000 mi? I have the links

Zip code is 90650

Re: Mechanic

Merry Christmas, it's time of year finding time to answer questions becomes a little harder.

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Re: Mechanic

Happy Holidays!! Yes. Well, I went and test drove the explorer. Interesting I seen this crack along the plastic on the back hatch of the suv. Interesting. It was vertical but there was no damage on the rest of the back(widow) nor lower part. I have a pic if you want to see. I took your advice and negotiated it to be fixed before I purchase. But I feel I can negotiate a better deal. They are asking 5,999 and it comes out to 6,600 out the door. But I think I can get it to 6k out the door including the repair. But in waiting I found out I'm only approved for $7,500 and up(this was through the web page you provided for auto loans). So I'm having a hard time financing a lower amount. I looked at the Mazda tribute. And while waiting I found some other vehicles. I can email you the link. The consistent issue I have is the dealers won't let me take it to a mechanic before purchasing but they say I can bring my mechanic there which doesnot allow the checking of the vehicle on the proper machines. And trying to get a smaller loan is tough as well

Thanks in advance.