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Extended Warranty

Dear Mr. Paulsen:

Just bought a new 2012 Toyota Sienna minivan. I wish I had read your site before I bought it, looking back, I could have done better. Like you said, I was surprised when I saw the Financing Manager pushing aftermarket products because I thought the game is over after negotiations. I felt guilty not buying those great products and it is extremely HARD to say no. I did not buy the extended warranty, the manager had a look on his face that I was being totally nuts, however, I did buy a great Boeing Xzilon product to protect the carpet and the paint for 500 as a consolation. Now I know I could get it much cheaper from outside. Anyway, I have one question for you. For extended warranty, you mentioned you could get it cheaper. My question is from where, another dealer? Now I already have my van, can I still buy extended warranty from other dealers?

thanks a lot, equipped with your website knowledge, I look forward to buying my next car/van.

Happy New Year!


Re: Extended Warranty

A happy new year to you also,

As for buying an extended warranty - did you read link # 34 under navigation ? if not here is a part copy/paste from that link that may answer your Q

Most new vehicle’s have a minimum 3 years full warranty to start with, if you firmly believe you will still be happy with vehicle after Mfg’s warranty expire or your lifestyle will not have changed, go ahead let the dealer make a score.... IMO 3 - 5 years is a long time " no thanks " I pass " WHY " because just prior to expiry I can go to any franchise dealer to get an Extended Warranty backed at a discounted price "" and "" for best price shop the dealers in area that sell my brand.