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Approaching a car dealer with a bank draft

I will be buying my first car very shortly and want to get the best deal possible. I'll be paying cash and am considering going to the dealership with a bank draft made out for the maximum I am willing to pay for the car I am interested in. Would this be a good strategy, or would the salesperson just laugh in my face?

Basically I want to avoid the haggling song and dance.

Thanks in advance

Re: Approaching a car dealer with a bank draft

The salesman will not laugh at you. but guide you towards a car that fits the draft, however if you feel thats your final offer for whatever car, walk of the lot, if they let you then you know you lowballed.

I don't like your strategy, for starters you must have missed under navigation link # 12 about paying cash ?

I fully understand you don't want the haggling, this being your very first experience I will help you along,,, go test drive some cars that you feel is within your budget and send me a link if you find the one that triggers your emotions,,, now the trick is are you strong enough to leave the dealership after your test drive ,,, or will you like many other buyers fall into their claws on your first visit ???

Also if you decide to follow my advice, than please study link # 4 prior to your visit

Re: Approaching a car dealer with a bank draft

Hey Ray,
Thank you for the quick response. I did read your site thoroughly and feel much more enlightened. (Even chuckled a bit at section 12 thinking about my wife's parents and how they seem to think it's impressive to go to a dealer and offer cash) This was just a random ballsy idea that popped into my head and i wondered what you thought about it. I really appreciate your willingness to help people out with the whole negotiating aspect of car purchases. Here is a link as you asked to a car that I'm very seriously considering.

It's giving me some trouble because I've checked around on as well as different dealerships in the area and haven't found many similar vehicles. According to Canadian Black Book the average selling price for this particular vehicle is a little over $5000 which seems way off. is suggesting $6900 which is still $2k less. But nothing in all of Ontario seems to be priced that way at the moment. So it seems as if i don't have a leg to stand on as far as negotiating goes. I've already test driven the car once and the sales rep tried to start throwing some numbers at me but I told her i was just looking around at what was available in the area before i start talking digits. So technically i did "walk out" but without making any kind of offer. Nothing else i've looked at really tickles my fancy. I'll be testing out one more car tomorrow and depending on how that goes i'd like to attempt negotiation on the Focus.

Any and all thoughts you have will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for your time