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So, has anyone used this

Please don't tell me it's like the penny auctions. I've been searching for a car for the past month and a half on Craigslist and am getting beyond fed up. I'd rather face the hassle than spend an extra $4k on dealership overhead. So, I'd like to hear some success stories. What cha got for me?

Re: So, has anyone used this

I signed up for the site but from the gov auctions I'm not seeing as much as I thought I would. Im seeing quite a bit of different random things they are selling. It appears that they dont have that many auctions as they offered on the site. And it appears that I might have to go to public auctions to find it, which is what Ray from here states. I think I'm going to ask for my money back from the site. However, I did notice from reading a lot of ray's articles on his site you can get a good deal from a dealer if you control the negotiations and not think emotionally. If you aren't feeling that you are thinking emotionally but you are not thinking logically don't be afraid to step away from the table. It is them that need your business, not the other way around.