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Repainting an old car

My dad has a 2003 Honda Accord with a mileage of 86,325 on it. In addition, after owning it within a few months, the paint has peeled off from the roof and hood. I did some research on this and discovered that nearly all Honda Accord owners of the 2003 model have experienced this same problem. It turns out that this is a factory defect and some of these customers have experienced this problem even after buying their new car within a month's time. They complained to Honda about it by telling them that they should be the one to fix this, but Honda told them that to repaint their cars is not covered by the warranty and that they would have pay out of pocket if they wanted that done. As a result, they have decided not to buy another Honda anymore and frankly, I don't blame them. The thing is, the 2003 Honda Accord model only comes in one color, it's kind of a medium green color. My dad wants to repaint it a different color, but if he does that, it won't match up with the color inside, that is, the car would have to be strip down to the frame. Personally, I don't think its even worth doing that because the car is a lemon and he should instead get a new car.

What does everybody else think?

Re: Repainting an old car

It will be a total waste of money to paint a car going on 10 years old,,, for resale a painted car has less value.

On the other hand if this is your dad's baby and the car is mechanically sound and he figures he can drive it for at least another 5 years with no issues,,, go for it

Re: Repainting an old car

Hi Ray,

Just out of curiosity, why would a repainted car be worth less than a scratched up and blemished car?