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Is this car good?

Hello Ray,

There's a car at a dealers. The details are given below.

2000 Toyota Camry LE
Mileage - 64000
2.2L L4 FI 16V
2 owners, the first, a corporate entity, who owned it for 7.5 yrs and drove it for around 45000. The second an individual, owned it for 3.5 yrs and drove for around 16000 miles.

The car has a few scratches on the and a few spots where the paint has faded but overall it looks ok. The interiors are clean although spartan. Everything (ac, heater, power windows, radio, cd, fm, speakers, lights, child restraints) works.

The engine sounds good, looks good but it has some rust at the bottom of the engine. No rust on the undercarriage.

It drives well, accelerates nice and stops, although I could sense the brakes need to be pressed a little hard. But that maybe because my previous car had excellent brakes. It corners well. No jerks when it moves up and down.

The autocheck shows everything is ok.

The dealer is asking for 6K after sales tax and inspection.

Does this sound like a good deal? Should I haggle on the price? Or can I get better deals at this price range.

Is there anything specific I should be looking at?


Re: Is this car good?

Happy to see you done some homework, 6 grand is still a lot of money, what's another hundred bucks or so for an independent inspection ?,,, peace of mind. if seller won't allow there is another million other cars out there.

It's an excellent choice of vehicle with exceptionally low miles ' hopefully true ones "

Should you haggle ????,,, of course you should " it's expected " if you have read enough into my web pages you will know my inner thoughts how to handle it.

Re: Is this car good?

Thank Ray. Your website really helps.