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i have questions for you. i bought a used 2010 honda accord from flow honda dealership on november 2011 and the salesman told me that it comes with 100,000 miles warranty, but on the contract they actually charge me $2,040 for that warranty. do i have to pay for the warranty? because i thought when they said it comes with warranty, that mean i don’t have to pay for that warranty.

Re: Warranty

When you signed the contract back in November did you not ask why you have to pay for a warranty when you were told it comes with one ? Also you state " do I have to pay for the warranty " looks to me like you already have.

I will tell you what has happened here............... The smooth dealership was selling a car to a buyer that had no clue how to buy a car and simply entered an extended warranty on the bill of sale for $2,040 that you did not question as to why, now to make you feel really bad they most likely made about $1500. profit on the warranty and I shudder to think how much they made on the car along with other invented fees or products

Now to make you feel better you are not the only pigeon falling into a trap, thousands are snowballed by dealers every day,,, We can all get burned once and then we realize with a little homework we will not let it happen twice