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Hello. I am trying to use the gov-auction as i'm looking for a vehicle but i have signed up on the site and most of the 'gov't sites there do not offer quite a bit of choices. It is mostly private auctions. I am having a bad experience so far. Any advise?

Re: Gov-auction

Did you purchase membership through this site ? ,,, how long ago did you purchase and what is your zip code ?.

Re: Gov-auction

I purchased the online membership around the beginning of this year or maybe the end of last year. I'm the one that ended up buying the 02' v6 explorer. The issue I had with the site in that a majority of the auctions were private and not government. If they were government they weren't that obvious. As well, I'm not a mechanic so, even though I could have saved some money, I wouldnt have known if I was buying something that was going to break down.