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Thank you note

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I wanted to thank you for having your website and being available to answer some questions. There is so much I've learned about buying a used car, from negotiating and having a set price before hand to know what I should be paying and the knowledge that it doesn't hurt to ask for a little more to be taken off.
Ive learned about road testing, with the braking at 60 mph, vehicle inspection(I notice that navigator I was about to look at, by the window frame looked like it was touched up with paint), and just being patient. There is a laundry list as u read every article on your site.
I have to admit. I didnt take the used car to a mechanic. No dealers would allow that. But talking to this one dealer he was more than honest. Ended up buying a 4dr 2002 v6 ford explorer limited 4x4 with 105k miles for $6,500(before taxes and fees). I did notice I ended up paying a paper processing fee of 40:( of which you taught us otherwise. Very clean and runs great.
Thanks again. Hope I made a good deal. Kbb said with all the bells and whistles, Third row, leather, etc that it was worth 9,000. But the dealer showed me his view(dealer view) of auto trader. And it said fair market was around 6k. I paid 500 less than asking price