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first time buyer

ok i am looking to make my first purchase on a used car and i have no clue on how to negotiate of even give an offer

lets say the car is 7k and taxes her are 13%(thnx a lot canada)

is it reasonable to give an offer of 6k taxes included

also my friend told me to put in the comment box "subject to mechanical inspection of buyers choice"

is this common?

please help me as i am a student making my first purchase and i really dont want to get ripped of

thnx in advance


Re: first time buyer

There is nothing wrong with asking for a thousand dollar discount but with taxes in you are asking for a 2K discount, a little heavy on a 7K asking price,,,, let's leave the taxes out of the deal along with administration fees the dealer will most likely also want included unless you buy from private seller where there are no adm fees.

This being your first experience I will go the extra mile and guide you step by step, under Navigation click on #4 " test drive " that will be your first step,,, if vehicle fits your budget and lifestyle say thank you, will sleep on it and walk away, don't let emotions or sales pitch take over WALK AWAY post or e-mail me the details and we will go to step 2. Don't start sending several choices, drive as many as you want, but keep it down to one or two choices,,, your very first big test will be,,, can you walk away ???

I assume you are located in Ontario with 13% taxes (thnx a lot canada),,, you want cheese with that whine ?,,, where do you think a portion of your free medicare comes from ?

Re: first time buyer

lol our state owned liqor stores and casinos should be enough for healthcare

thanks for your reply bro i called the dealership and the car has been sold, maybe for the best as i got way
too excited.

this will allow me to find the right suv with the right trim and of course the best price

im looking @ 02-04 jeep liberty with around 150ooo-200ooo kilometers

what do u think of the car

Re: first time buyer

There were only 2 SUV's in this class I liked back then, and only in the 6 cyl - Liberty - Escape

Re: first time buyer

yeah i was looking @ the escape as well but i dont really like the older models (02-04)

i really like the libery

do you know anything about its reliability

i would like to keep this car problem free for 3-4 years about 80,000km

mind you this vehicle will already have 150,000-200,000km on it