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Buying from a Rental Company

I'm the guy with the Chevy that was totaled by a drunk driver after a SuperBowl party on Feb. 5th. The drunk driver's car insurance company ponied up the money for my loss and I received a check in the mail equal to the KBB value of the car. They're also paying for an Enterprise rental car until March 7th.
I visited the used car sales division of Enterprise on Friday, and they more or less confirmed that they get the cream (first 5%) from the rental car lot, and the dealers get the crumbs. To discourage dickering, the sales manager tells you up front they've taken off everything on the price that can be reduced to ensure the lowest sale price. After answering a few questions regarding my car needs, he then introduced me to a 2010 Dodge Caliber, which also happened to be the "pick of the month", with close to $500 off the original price tag, until April. They had 5 Calibers on the lot, all with 31,000 plus mileage and all selling for $12,499. I took one out for a test drive and it passed muster in my evaluation. Very clean, comfortable, and it handled well.

Bottom line: After taking all of my financial information and running a credit check to determine my finance charge, I sat in the waiting room for 40 minutes anticipating more questions. I was then introduced to the dealer's boss who took me back into the inner sanctum and laid all the cards out on his desk. A $5,000 up front deposit, $179/mo. for 60 months would get me the vehicle.
He was a slick Madison Avenue type, and used his well honed and sometimes subtle powers of persuasion to get me to sign. But I told him I felt like I was in the deep end of the pool with the price and long term commitment, and would have to weigh it against some of my other options vs. acting impulsively. He did his best to make me feel I'd be making a mistake turning away from such a deal (they definitely make it hard to resist) but in short, I walked out.

Stressful? What stress???

Since then he's called me within the last 24 hours on two separate phones, but I would not answer. So that's where I stand at the moment, with no other prospects matching my critera in sight.

Question: Do certified cars apply to used, or just new? And can you please send me the link to Government auctions, preferably in my area if there is one (Northern NJ, Bergen County, zip 07070)? Thanks

Re: Buying from a Rental Company

1) Answering from the top going down this post lets start with Cream vs Crumbs, that statement is nothing more than a sales pitch, it may plant the hook in some buyers, for me its in one ear with lightning speed out the other.

(2) To discourage dickering " they have reduced to ensure lowest price " you would have to be born under a mulbeery bush to fall for a pitch like that

(3) Pick of the month with $500. off the original price tag " so far you been hit with 3 hooks.

Mr Slick is very upset you turning away from such a deal,,, that's why he has called you twice within the past 24 hrs, should you come across negative with opening words he will tell you he has found his pencil sharpener.

The pick of the month is that $500. less than others at $12,499 ?

A $5,000 up front deposit, $179/mo. for 60 months would get me the vehicle.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lets break that down.,,,,
cost of vehicle ?
Interest rate ?
tax, title registration and documentation fees ? seperate each amount
Down payment $5000.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Phone him, play no rush, he has got a better deal,,, ask and note the questions I need answered

Regarding gov - auctions, I think its worth the investment but, then again you decide, I have had both negative and positive come backs, under navigation in website click on # 13 for details.

Regarding certified,,, it only apply to used