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Trade question....

I have stumbled on your website, and hope you can help...forgive me, I didn't take time to read thru all the posts to see if this has been answered already...I have a 2005 Equinox, 98k miles, with a salvaged title (I know, I know...exhusbands idea...), and am looking to trade it in...the car I am looking at is a 2003 Hyundai Elantra GT...has about 120k on it...they are asking $4800....what can I expect to get for my trade? Any chance it would be a break even deal?


Re: Trade question....

I assume when you mentioned I know I know you are saying it was the ex's idea buying the salvage ? if it was, congratulations you managed to get rid of half the lemon and I wish you luck with the other half .

Except for the nasty word salvage there would not be a problem to break even,,, If you want let's do this, test drive the Elantra and follow my steps under navigation # 4,,, if you feel after the test drive the Elantra is what you want,,, email me and give me the details what the dealer offered... also is there is a link I can view the Elantra for red flags ?

Under no circumstances will you commit to a deal on the spot,,, sleep on it.

Re: Trade question....

Here is the link to the Elantra...thanks for your advice! Once I test drive it, I will let you know...