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Trade In

Hi Ray, I have read some of your posts and they are really helpful. I want to trade in my car to buy another car. i am upside down now for about $3k. The reason for this me and my gf together took the car i mean she is cobuyer when we bought the car. now i want to take off her name from the lien. i owe $12000 and car value approx $8500-$9500 according to kbb. i am thinking i am paying too much for this car. looking to buy another car around $10k. any help on this would be appreciated.

Re: Trade In

Until the lien is paid your gf name will remain.

Don't buy another car and include the negative in your new payments,,, 99.9% says you will dig a hole so deep 2 showels can't get you out.

Drive your present car till such time there will be no negative factor, even if you have to strap yourself with some repair bills.

Re: Trade In

Thanks Ray for your vaaluable information.
Is there any way that i can refinance this car? There is still
36 months left on this car. Can i refinance it on my name?
I am paying 320/month now.

Re: Trade In

Did you have your gf down as a co-pilot because you could not fly on your own ?,,, have all payments been on time ? how is your credit rating ?

If 36 months left, how many have you paid ? what's the interest rate ? year - make - miles ?,,, I need answers to guide you in the right direction, mostly your credit history

If you feel questions to personal for an open forum,,, email me with answers.

Re: Trade In

Thanks Ray for your valuable information. I appreciate your help. Finding a nice person like you is very difficult. You really explains in a productive manner which is the best part i like. God bless you and your family.