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"WE OWE" issue

Bought a used car about a year ago. Made a deal for tires through a WE OWE. Life went to hell for a while and never realized I didn't get the paperwork for the WE OWE. Went to the dealership to find out how to redeem the WE OWE if I never received the actual copy and they said no problem the money is still in the account and to make an appointment with the service manager. He said that he couldn't do anything without the paper copy. Divorce struck and I let it go for awhile. Went back to the dealership, this time unnannounced, and actually got a copy of my WE OWE without showing any ID. Of course its past the time frame stated on the form but seeing as how I never received the form I don't see why they won't honor it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: "WE OWE" issue

So,,, what you saying is,,, they will not honor it because of time frame ?

Whats the dealers name and location ?

Re: "WE OWE" issue

Exactly. Time frame is the only issue.

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