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Financing question

I purchased a new 2012 Camaro, traded in my used Camaro for an better eng. and bells and wisles came out of the finance office purchasing an extended warranty because my drive will increase a lot this year. Just as I thought the deal was done, the finance manger said that he needed more info. My previous credit union is the same financing co i am dealing with, 3. 5 percent interest rate, affordable monthly , I also was upside down and purchased Gap insurance stupid me? Now the dealer says the finance co wants to see my W2 forms and because my monthly income has changed. I have been working for 35 years same industry and am an independent contractor. I told the dealer no, I not comfortable doing that, I have form "c" and 1040 and i told them which agencies I work for, how much income I make, also I have never been late on payments with this credit union. Am I wrong ?what game are they playing at? I already feel the fool..purchased extended warrarenty and gap insurance. I told them my income who I work with and now this? My income taxes are tied up with my partner, and it's private info.
Thanks Margie, 805/647-2017 need help asap