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Trade in question

Ray, first, there are countless folks who profited by "squeezing" the ignorant. Hell, there's many times in my life that I wish I had it in me to take advantage of what I knew over what others didn't to make a profit. I didn't have the guts, although I did run numbers as a teen back in Brooklyn in the early '80s. I guess that counts lol!!!! Anyhow, the info you provide here is not only a testament to you sweeping up your karma, but shows you realize your knowledge is way more valuable than the total of all of your profit. Why, because I'm certain helping folks feels a millions times better than taking folks for a pinch. I'm happy for you because I know it feels cool. And luckily for me, I found you before I made another stupid mistake in my ventures!

So, I financed a vehicle in 2008 and got taken because I went into the dealership feeling a bit lonely and insecure. (A momentary lapse mind you, but just as I recommend folks to not go food shopping when hungry, the same can be said to not go car shopping when feeling blue.) The attention I got--merely the woman at the reception offered me some water in a styrofoam cup-- was all I needed to say yes to everything! I ended up hosed in a bad deal--but, the lucky thing was, the vehicle I got was actually dependable, looked great and never gave me any problems. (Sidenote, I learned three days after purchasing the vehicle that the salesman sold me the wrong car--to my benefit!) Phew.

Okay here's my question and if you read all that I wrote, I appreciate your time.

I am getting a bit frustrated in trying to sell the car (2002 Nissan Pathfinder, Clean with only 85k miles) and thinking of trade. I got appraisals from the big guys like Autotrader and Trade In Solutions and they offered the same ($5200-$5400) I already understand the profit they want to make, as Edmunds list my vehicle for around $7200. If I take it to a dealer to trade in, how can I entice them to offer a better quote? By the way, I'm not upside down anymore--I owe $5100.

Thanks again, and I will hit that donate button soon!