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First Time Buyer - What do you think of this vehicle?


I am looking at buying a used Honda CRV. I found one that checks all the boxes, it was a trade-in at a Nissan dealership.

It has a clean carfax and autocheck, 90,000 miles, 2008 LX. Good condition on the outside, the inside needs to be shampooed/detailed but still fair condition.

Original asking price 14,995, reduced to 13,995.

When the salesman started the car the battery had died. He boosted it in a few minutes and then told me it hadn't been driven in 3 weeks which is why the battery had died. This tells me the car has been on the lot for a while which will help me get the price down(I hope).

I wanted to get an independent mechanic to check it out BUT...I don't have the right insurance to 'borrow' the car and get this done.

The dealership is going to replace the battery and has said that if I did buy this car and had it inspected after I have 30 days to bring it in and have any repairs/replacements done at no cost.

I think Honda's are reliable and this may still work, but that could be a first timers wishful thinking. I am planning on starting at 11,000, but not going above 12,000.

So...what do you think?

I've been thinking about it for a few days, but want to decide asap. Have no problem saying no, but am not looking forward to searching again...