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Buying car for under 7k $ for teen

I'm a teen who recently got his permit at 17 and am looking for a car for under 7k. First of all I am a person who prioritizes practicality and function so I could care less what the car looks like. My main goal is to get the best car I can that will end up costing me the least in the long run. Im not looking for a fast sports-car or anything just something efficient that will save me money. One thing is that I'm 6'3" so I need a car that has enough legroom for me to be comfortable. I drove a corolla and barley fit in that so anything smaller probably wouldn't work.I'm not sure how much I will be driving as im still at a point where I dont know if ill be commuting to college or what. Any ideas on what types of cars I should look at. civics seem to fit the bill pretty well but with my budget id have to get like a 2001 or so with like 100k miles. right now my parents have 2 gas guzzlers that get like 15mpg so I was thinking if I got something efficient it would help save them some money as we could try to primarily use the efficient car as a family, as were currently spending between $300 and $800 a month on gas depending on where my dad's working, until i needed it for myself. I could even let my family use it if I ended up going to a college where I didn't have to drive much. My zip codes 90277 in case you want to look at the cars available around me. The budget is flexible if it will be worth it in the long run. Ideally id like to pay 5k for a car but may dad is willing to look around 7k. if it worked as a good family car for 4. we might be able to go higher if it would be worth it.We currently have a van and truck and are considering selling or trading in the van or maybe even the truck which are worth around 5k and 10k respectively. Any help selecting an appropriate car for my situation or even just narrowing down a few things I should look for would be a huge help.