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Price for totaled vehicle

I purchased a very nice used car for my son. He took to college one month later and next day totaled vehicle. Thank goodness he was fine. We purchased car from reputable dealer and clean title although told was stolen and recovered and was only minor damage to front bumper. Never in major accident. Carfax was clean. Went to dealer instead of private for safer buy.

The inspector's report from National Bureau.. indicates car had salvaged title and total loss in 2004. Was in total shock to hear. Consequently, my payout from insurance company was 3K less due to this incident to which I had no knowledge. Dealer claims they were not aware and carfax can only report what gets reported to them. I paid for vincheck and cannot be found in state that loss occurred. DMV only show clean titles. Just feel ripped off and want to recoup loss some how. Is dealer truly responsible? Please advise - quite frustrated and want to get another car for my son and could certainly use the lost funds. Is dealer responsible? Should they rightfully pay this difference?

Welcome advice thanks in advance.


Re: Price for totaled vehicle

Name of dealer and location ?