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Hey Ray, I'm an Airman in the USAF... I bought a 2010 Ford Fusion Saturday for about $17K. I have no credit and I'm 20 y/o, but the cheapest offer out of three credit unions that the dealer said they would accept was 16% which made the payments go from $300/month ,which was a determining factor in the car I got, to $405/month. I have a 10 day period where i can bring the car back (in writing and signed by dealership) and exchange it for equal or higher value vehicle but I also noticed a hard pull to the right when I brake- so I went today and they setup an appointment to check it out for a week from tomorrow. Also I haven't put a down payment or anything on this car.

1- Do you think I could get a lower rate being a first time buyer? 2- Do you think I should just return the car for another because the manager didnt exactly seem happy when I told him I had problems already? And 3- If I cant re-finance the car at a lower rate what are my options for getting rid of the car?

Re: Confused

Your post really upsets me " another " green pea first time buyer that will most likely suffer huge by the time this loan will be paid out. Your emotions got the better of you, nooooobody in their right mind should buy a car at 16%, yes I know you need wheels and not having established a credit rating it's high interest - you should have purchased the least expensive transportation till such time your credit score is average. My guess here is you a paying somewhere around $5000. more having no rating.

You have a 10 day period to return car for exchange, not to nullify the deal, and the dealer will be in control regarding price,,, ouch , ouch, ouch

I don't know what type contract or documentation papers you have signed, but am happy there is no deposit involved, if you want out of this deal email me a phone # with best times to call.

PS,,, The Fusion is an excellent car, as for car pulling to the right is a very minor issue compared to the mess you got yourself into.

Re: Confused

It definitely wasn't my best day or a smart deal, the more i look at this stuff the more i see. There's a gap fee here i have no clue what it is but I've e-mailed you from the phone number from my personal address vmarrington2010. It looks like none of the stuff we discussed was half true