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Buying Former Rental Cars From Dealers

Ray, I am looking at some specific model cars that are 2012 year and the seller/ dealers carfax reports say that they are former rental cars. A lot of these arrived at dealer lots in December 2012. Anything inherently wrong with these or would they be an ok purchase? Most have only one service record and are certified pre-owned by the seller/dealer. They are lower in price than other comparable non rental pre-owned.

Also is it common to ask that your mechanic look at it if it is CPO?

Thanks, this site is breath of fresh air.

Re: Buying Former Rental Cars From Dealers

If you want my thoughts about buying a rental it's positive,,, under navigation on left side of website click on #9.

Yes it's very common to ask for an independent mechanical inspection, if seller wont allow,,, WALK.