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Trading used car for a used car

I have a 2000 Acura tl paid off- simply want a smaller used car. Don't want any payments if possible or very low. Still want a good car - this one has leather seats and heat warmer and basic radio cd and automatic window buttons. Is it better to wait till I want to make payments an trade or can I trade this in for a similar car just smaller - and no or minimal payments?

Re: Trading used car for a used car

Lets start with you got a car that is 13 years old and to a dealer its worth hundreds not thousands. If you don't want payments you keep what you got if it still runs good.

For you to trade into a smaller car with no payments,,, that is no no no ,,, you know what you got at present,you till take a big gamble not knowing what you're getting should you trade with no payments.

When you're ready to make payments to trade up, get back to me, and let's start from there