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Below Invoice?

Hi Ray. Thanks for the info on the site. My family is looking at Minivans (third bun in the oven right now).

I'm looking at everything Honda, Toyota and Dodge. A few of your articles have convinced me we're probably just best off to buy new.

I see on Edmunds the Invoice pricing and I'm getting offers that are aroud $300 less than Invoice. How much below Invoice should I expect to get?

Should we wait till summer to try and jump on the next model year?


Re: Below Invoice?

I got no idea of your location, post a zip code or postal code,,, when you mention getting offers around $300. less than than invoice is that through new car quotes on the Internet ?,,, are you financing or cash ?

Re: Below Invoice?

Those are the email quotes that I'm getting from the dealerships. My zip is 27521.

We'll likely put 5k down and finance the rest.

Thanks for the quick response.

An example model we're looking at is a 2013 Honda Odyssey EXL w/ rear entertaiment system.

Re: Below Invoice?

you got a quick response because I happen to be on the site to upgrade a few links,,, I will help you along and reply with an email since some answers or questions along the way could be considered personal