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Can you cancel an extended warranty?

Bought a 2010 used van last year (2012) post bankruptcy and was told (and foolishly believed) that the extended warranty was a requirement to qualify for an at-the-time somewhat decent interest rate.

Am I able to cancel the warranty? If I do cancel, will I possibly receive a refund?

Thank you for such an informative site! Wish I had read years ago.

Re: Can you cancel an extended warranty?

Let it slide,,,likely once again down the road another vehicle will be needed

Had you read link #18 under navigation prior to purchase this would never have happened, here is a copy/paste snip from that page

The lender will look more favorable at loan application with an extended warranty as you wont have any unforeseen expenses, this pitch is especially effective with buyers having a blemished credit rating.
ANSWER...Its got absolutely no play in a decision making approval from a lender, its the complete opposite you have now applied for an even higher loan

Re: Can you cancel an extended warranty?

Thanks Ray.

I picked up a number of helpful tips that would have done me justice through the years.

Yes, never again. It's amazing what us blemished credit customers get sucked into.

Fabulous resource - thanks again.

Re: Can you cancel an extended warranty?

The short answer is yes!!! You can cxl a warranty at anytime during the warranty period and yes you will get a refund of the unused portion of the warranty's cost