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Trading 2012 nissan altima for either a new car or used car what to choose?


We recently got married. I own a 2012 2.5S nissan altima(still have 4 yrs to pay off) My wife is planning to get a car. We would like to cut down our budget, hence thought we'd go with one best compact SUV like 2013 Honda CR-V and another good used car. I would like to trade in my car for either something smaller or for the 2013 honda CR-V. Which of these options is the best choice? Trade in my altima for a brand new 2013 honda CRV and she going with a used car or Trade in my altima for used car and she going with brand new 2013 honda CRV. We area bit confused on this. Kindly assist ??

Re: Trading 2012 nissan altima for either a new car or used car what to choose?

I can't understand how you figure to cut down your budget when you still have 4 yrs of payments and want to add another car. Trade the Nissan up on a newer model will work, trade down on another used car will most likely never work.

With the information you provided I can't read into the financial end of it. Here are some personal questions that if you care to answer then email me to keep it private.

1,,, you got a balance of 48 payments ? at what rate and what are your payments.
2,,, adding another car where would you like to be at in total payments ?
3,,, are you thinking to roll both cars into one loan to lower payments ?