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Scammed on a used 2009 Nissan Murano. Please help!!! I would appreciate it!

A month ago I purchased a used 2009 Nissan Murano with 99,047 miles on it. The advertised price was $11,999
Today, one month later I come to find out that although they stated verbally the car comes with the bumper to bumper warranty they charged me the fee of $1500. Doesn't it already come with a warranty I don't have to pay for such as an extended warranty or something? Also I found out through creditapproved which is the company that financed me that my total owed is $29,900!!!! I called the dealership to find out what exactly was going on and came to find out that I was charged a higher price for the car due to a small print fee of $2995 over the ad price which was not mentioned it was just in very tiny tiny fine print at the bottom of the advertisement that went unnoticed because it was stated in words not numbers! it also says price does not include sales tax or tags, registration fees, government fees, finance charges. I want to mention that I put a down payment of $3800. Does anyone else see a problem here besides me???
So the salesman tells me that the cost of the car after the $1500 bumper to bumper warranty which I understood was included in the price and the $2995 over the ad price plus all the other fees brought the total cost up to $20000!!!!
Is this legal??? What can I do to fight this and have this price adjusted correctly???

Re: Scammed on a used 2009 Nissan Murano. Please help!!! I would appreciate it!

Did the dealership blindfold you when you signed the contract ?

This post is sick as it gets, $11,999 car with $3800. down payment and you get to owe $29,000 in payments ?,,, let's start with you posting the name and address of the dealer.

Re: Scammed on a used 2009 Nissan Murano. Please help!!! I would appreciate it!

jeezuz I wonder who runs this guys home appliances for him... just at a glance his numbers dont add up at all ....12k for the car plus 3k for the fee? extra profit? plus 1500 plus tax (1200) minus 3800 dwn isn't 20k but I bet if you take whatever it really totals (14K) FOR 60 Mos at 29% =29k.

Now that I've trashed him a little bit ...dude read the contract and read the fine print in the ads. If this had happened to me ...somehow.... then I would immediately cancel the warranty and then file a complaint with the states attorney generals office for possible violations of the states unfair trade practices act which every state has in order to protect truly stupid people ....from themselves.