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Recent car buying experience

Couple of months ago I had to trade in my 2006 F150 due to money issues, I had no personal intentions of getting rid of the truck. Now I drive a Grand Prix.

2 things that grinded my gears to no end about the salesman I was dealing with:

Preparing to go for a test drive, the car needed gas(they all do) The salesmen would not allow me to go with him to get gas, this immediately made me thought he was hiding something or wanted to pull something "fast" at the gas station.

Next, During the test drive is what prompted me to go to another dealer. He asked me some stupid question along the way, but what threw in the towel for me is when he asked me "Do they make heated socks? I simply said I don't know.

I know salesmen have there "tactics" but jesus christ. I am utterly disguisted at the car buying experience of today.

Re: Recent car buying experience

Well, do they make heated socks ?,,,lol

Cars needing fuel has always been a major problem at most dealerships and I would be very surprised when you did go for a test drive if there was more than a quarter of gas in the tank ?,,, so you ask yourself why don''t the used and new car manager just top up all the cars. Without going into detail 99% of staff from every department would abuse this type system.

A real pro salesperson during a test drive will point out a few features that may be of interest and will answer all questions but beyond that will only concentrate on body language looking for the hot button.