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2011 Honda Pilot - How to best negotiate price with dealer

I am considering making an offere on this 2011 Honda Pilot for my wife. We have saved up money over the past few years and have enough to pay cash for the deal. I want to get her the best deal and keep it as close to $20k as possible knowing that with taxes, tags etc will likely push it to $21k total. Should I bring actual cash to the dealer at time of discussion. This is a "hassle free" dealership and from what I have read they don't bend on the deal...but I am not sure. We did a test drive and it seemed to run well and felt it would be a reliable car. My wife also has a chronic pain illness and the dealer is about 1 hour away so I am not wanting to make alot of back and forth trips to negotiate by just walking away, but I dont want to just take the offer without any negotiating.

They also have a warranty available and I read your site that you dont recommend warranties unless they are through the manufacturer of the vehicle Honda in this case. When I look at Honda's Honda Care program it looks like it has to be a certifed car to do the used car portion. What are your thoughts on the warrant portion of this....what should we do warranty wise??

Thanks and I really appreciate your website.


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Re: 2011 Honda Pilot - How to best negotiate price with dealer

Should you bring actual cash ?...NO ... If you make the deal, a credit card deposit $500. - $1000. will be sufficent, on delivery after your inspection that all meets your expectations balance certified funds will be submitted by you.

Hassle free... they don't bend on deals ?... Personally I would test that statement, offer $1500. less, salesman at this point will say no way,,, stay firm and say, please present the offer and lets deal from there,,,,,,,,,,,, when deal comes back your final offer will be $1000. less than asking price, if not accepted you walk - and I mean WALK......... if they let you walk,,, go have a coffee and return to dealer if you want to pay the price.

Warranty... If warranty is offered with Mfg approval, it's a valid warranty that will be honered at all honda dealers in North America, every Honda dealer will have your Vin # in their system and work on your car hassle free. Unless it's a Honda Care warranty - stay away.

Re: 2011 Honda Pilot - How to best negotiate price with dealer

Thanks for your prompt response. I contacted Honda about getting the Honda Cares Warranty added to this vehicle. Unfortunately, due to the mileage they dont cover it (Honda "Dont Cares" warranty haha). Anchor auto sells the Proguard warranty (3rd party warranty). It works nationwide and has a $100 deductible. They have 3 levels of warranty coverage.

What do you recommend in cases where you are not able to get a direct from the manufacturer warranty? Should I use Proguard or do you recommend a different one for Honda vehicles?

Also on the presenting the offer for $1500 less (which I have a feeling they will decline)...if when I say "please present the offer and lets deal from there" if they respond with the offer is $20,950 and we are firm on it... They have priced it under KBB value, but bought it at an auction so they probably got it for around $18 I would guess. They also dont do financing and we are looking to pay cash for the deal. Since they dont finance should we be up front about the cash deal and try to use it for leverage to reduce the selling price?

Thanks again for your help.

Re: 2011 Honda Pilot - How to best negotiate price with dealer

Re - (Honda "Dont Cares" warranty haha). Without going into detail every Mfg has limited miles allowed on their used vehicles to provide their coverage 100%, after that the sleazebags with useless warranties step in.

Your last entry made me go one more step - for starters - please Google - and Proguard warranty and add the word scams and open some of these windows,,, the warranty provider stinks, as for the dealer I am not impressed with the quality of cars they sell,,, you fit into the mold shopping price rather than paying fair market price.

If you still considering to pursue this transaction then please phone prior to the long journey and ask if you are allowed to take vehicle for an independent inspection,,, if you are, take it to a Honda dealer in the area,,, with the money you think you are save buying this car I will be very surprised if you don''t get a shopping list that will go beyond the money you think you are saving.

As a final note I like to add that my website have been approched by several warranty providers that will pay very handsome to promote their product on my site,,, my site is not about scamming consumers for personal gain,,,,,,,,,,buying any car is all about getting a fair deal that will outlast your investment - NOT - getting the best price.