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Bought a car from a dealer but spare tire has a hole

My brother's car got a flat tire tonight and he needed to change it out. When he went to get to the spare, he noticed it was flat and found out there was a big hole in it. This really ****** me off because this means that the dealer who we thought was a friend of my brothers sold us a car with a ****ty tire and also a busted lift.

I am super ****** about this - I mean technically this guy was in my brother's fraternity and I thought there were quote unquote brothers and this happens. Its quite possible he might have missed it when he sold the car but I am wondering if this is illegal. I thought a spare and a working lift was a requirement by law to be in good working order when selling a car. Did my brother's friend do something illegal and is there anything I can do to take legal action against him?

We live in Florida.

Re: Bought a car from a dealer but spare tire has a hole

When you buy a car privately you are buying AS IS,,, whatever problems becomes your problems the minute the transaction is complete.

Buying from a dealer uncertified is also AS IS