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Buying a used Jeep

I stumbled upon your website and the info has been great.

I want to buy a used jeep link here

I am trying to get the price down which they claim they are losing 20 dollars on right now. Part of the problem I am having is im a server/cook I make a ton of money in tips not all gets reported by my employer, and do to a rocky past my credit is not great, I need a co signer and my parents are more then willing to do so. Problem I am having is getting dealers to work with me before they get my parents info to know they can approve the financing.

As far as the jeep I dont think its worth the 13k they are asking, tires are old needs a tire pressure sensor, and navigation disk that costs 199 also had a minor accident on the car fax. Any tips on getting them down in price?

Thanks again your website is awsome.

Re: Buying a used Jeep

The dealer advertise a car and claim they are losing $20. " yer right "

Being self employed or working in an industry with cash flow has always been a problem for many getting finance approval, with you having a blemished credit score to start with is double trouble.

I want to be on your side of the fence but I agree with the dealer not wanting to work with you before you become credit worthy with a co-signer,,, as for getting down in price all the info is on the website, anything that you question or don't fully understand feel free to post for a further explanation