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How to max trade in on older car?

Got a 2005 Hyundai Elantra hatchback, ~110000 kms and with rust on a rear wheel well. Otherwise good running condition, no bells or whistles, manual tranny, all maintenance up to date (with records). If I was to look to replace with another used vehicle (leaning towards 2010/2011 Fusion), how would I maximize what I'd get in trade? Or should I just look to sell privately as I'd assume a Ford dealer would see this as pretty much useless?

Re: How to max trade in on older car?

You mention Kms, your location I assume Canada,,, be it a Ford dealer or Hyundai dealer makes no diff,,, the used car manager would most likely phone a wholesaler and the bid would be around $500. being a manual. the wholesaler then would enter vehicle in an auction and hope to profit.

Personally I would negotiate with no trade, the salesperson if educated " some are totally useless " will ask you up front if a trade,,, you simply say no,,, when you get the final number, I think I will include the trade,,, and I will be on the numbers around $500.

Sell it privately, 110K is low, if you can provide a safety with sale around $2000. asking is fair