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costco auto program


Thanks for the great site.

I don't like going into the dealer and and playing the whole make a deal game. Is the costco auto program a good way to get a good deal on a car, or will the best deal be made by going in and negotiating, armed with the facts provided on your website?



Re: costco auto program

Ask yourself this question,,, Costco recommend you to a dealer and does not profit ? lol,,,,,, The dealer will pay Costco for a lead,,, that tells me that money could stay in my pocket.

I am with you 100% not wanting to play the game at the dealer, so therefore I consider you smart enough to have all the tools before you arrive.

Get your best price from Costco, and the 2 free new car quotes from my website, the problem here is knowing how to handle the feedback because some dealers want you in person before that final $$$ is on the table,,,

So it really comes down to if the best price you got in your pocket can be negotiated,,, and if you have studied my site you know the next move,,, with those quotes in your pocket I am sure you are at the right number or very close.

PS,,, copy/paste this site,

let me know how you made out.

Re: costco auto program

Thanks Ray--

I went ahead and submitted online requests through Edmunds, am trying Automotive .com as well but they are only listing one dealer with my present zip (98606).

Specifically, I am looking for a Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4-- on the internet quotes I have received, is this the bottom dollar price I can expect, or can I negotiate a bit more??

Generally I buy used, but with the sticker on CPO vehicles (Tacomas) that are several years old with up to 50,000 miles being so close to internet pricing I am considering going new-thoughts?

Once again thank you for your website, lots of good information there!

Re: costco auto program

I will be interested whom had the best quotes Costco -edmonds ect. and if dealers made contact doing a song and dance act.

Buying used compared to new is like night and day,,, dealerships can score heavy on used, buying new with the Internet in place there will be little if any room, but they will try to hook you in the finance office with tag on's.

RE - is this the bottom dollar price I can expect, or can I negotiate a bit more, yes you can, do the dance to the door, if you escape, go for a coffee " in your own car " and let your emotions cool down before you make that final step,

I will share with you some inside secrets that come to mind answering this post. Through the years hundred of times a counteroffer was presented that was a deal but I refused, if buyer got up to leave or said I will let you know - I went into second gear and said take the car and go for a coffee, if buyer wanted leave the dealership in his own car, that was a risk of no return and the offer was a deal. I always said at meetings you can corner a squirell but only a pro can catch it.

Re: costco auto program

Interesting that you wonder about the song and dance... I spec'd what I want, Tacoma Double Cab Long Bed 4WD, SR5, Tow Package, White, just as a baseline to compare...two of the INET salesmen in their emails said 'hey let us know if you get a lower quote we can match or beat it..." $31,072 was the lowest quote so far...

Still waiting on Costco's dealer, they only listed one dealer in the area, will spec out the same vehicle and see how they do...

Still considering Private Party sales as well, I am in no rush to purchase and am a technician by trade (aircraft) so feel comfortable evaluating used, any doubts on the condition and I just walk away...coming up on 200,000 miles on my used 4Runner.

Thanks for the insights.


Re: costco auto program

Hi Ray,

Just wanted to follow up--

The best price I found was actually through a dealer's internet pricing tool-I got the Costco price from a dealer in town here, then went used the eprice tool from a dealer about an hour north, along with several others. The dealer I went with was 350 dollars cheaper than costco!!


Re: costco auto program

Just as a note, one dealer actually sent me a price higher than what was listed on their website-- go figure...