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Advice on best way to buy a used car with used car as trade in. Paying cash.

Hi there, your website is a life saver and I just want to thank you in advance for the amazing information I\\\'ve found there.

I\\\'m trading in my FJ Cruiser 2007 in excellent condition and am looking for a Chevy Suburban 2007 or 2008 that I\\\'ll import into Mexico for our business. My questions are as follows;

* I\\\'m sending out emails to potential internet listings at dealerships to see if vehicles are still for sale, ask basic questions, etc...Only one dealership has actually responded to me and that is Desert Sun Motors 2600 N. White Sands Blvd. in Alamogordo NM. Because he\\\'s answered my email, has the best suburban in the Las Cruces, El Paso area, I\\\'m very interested.

* The asking price is \\\$24,500 and has been on for about a month with the price being raised while listed there to the present price. How can I know if I\\\'m getting a good deal on the price of this vehicle I\\\'m interested in as I know I can\\\'t actually trust the dealership? Cargurus says it is a Fair Deal but god only knows if that is worthwhile or not. How do I know what is a good price to pay for the vehicle?

* My FJ Cruiser is worth about \\\$23 to 24K to a private buyer if I go by several different values given me by my bank, and website value factors. I\\\'d like to get \\\$18-19K out of it if possible. Dealer has already asked me if I owned it or if I am still paying. Not sure if I did the right thing but I told him I owed \\\$13kish on it and was looking for what I mentioned for it. How do I know what is a good sticking price for my trade in?

* I am driving up from Mexico to El Paso/Las Cruces/Alamogordo and will look at about 10 different suburbans or more over a two day period and buy the one I decide on. I will pay by cash basically by wire transfer from my Mexico bank account to the dealership and have mentioned this in advance to the dealer above thinking naively it seems that it would get me a better price. (I hadn\\\'t found your site yet).

* I will get the history reports you mentioned on all vehicles I\\\'m seriously interested in after looking at them, and of course I\\\'ll take the vehicle to get an independent inspection as well (after negotiating a price as you recommend).

* How do I know if I\\\'m getting a good deal or if I\\\'m being played? I\\\'d like to get the vehicle I want of course but will not die for it so I\\\'m willing to walk out if I need to but also don\\\'t want to waste time as I\\\'m going to be in El Paso area only for one week while I manage this purchase and then drive back to Mexico. Alamagordo where the vehicle I like best is found is 1.5 hours drive from El Paso so it will be a pain in the tushy to drive up there and have to deal with the whole game for hours if it doesn\\\'t work out. This dealership also knows I\\\'m driving up from El Paso so I\\\'m sure they\\\'ll be willing to use that against me to \\\'get the car sold\\\'.

* What can you tell me please about the best way to handle getting a good deal on the price of the car for cash and a good trade in price for my excellent condition vehicle?

*Also, please tell me if there is such a law that makes the dealership run a test on your name to see if you are a terrorist as this was mentioned to me that they need my name and birth date for all cash purchases. Is this true or a hoax? Must I give this information to them before I even get to the lot? They are requesting it now before I\\\'ve even seen the car.

Thanks so much and I\\\'m looking forward to hearing anyone\\\'s opinion about this situation as I\\\'m tired of getting messed around by dealerships.


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Re: Advice on best way to buy a used car with used car as trade in. Paying cash.

Thanks for the detailed post, firstly I expect you have covered all the bases about import factors since this area was not mentioned ?

I did some study and assume the vehicle in question is a 2008 LTZ 1500 4WD registered in NY and Kentucky, report looks clean,,, this price increase is a bunch of crap, you submitted a request through cargurus whom profit a finders fee. Since you detailed such a lenghtly post, rather than me taking a shortcut to guide you further, submit a phone # with best times to call to I have some questions that I don't fully understand in this post

Re: Advice on best way to buy a used car with used car as trade in. Paying cash.

Thanks soooo much. I'll send you an email today.

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